An open group connecting tech heads in Columbia, Missouri. Meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 6PM.

January 2014 - Big Data Processing and JavaScript Testing

The January meet up is on Wednesday, January 15th, hosted at Reynolds Journalism Institute. The talks start at 6:00. We meet in the glass room right in the main lobby.

MRJob – Hadoop made easy.

Sudarshan Gaikaiwari

Big data - you have terabytes of data that you want to crunch through but you don’t want to setup your own hadoop clusters or write Java code to do this. MRJob to the rescue. MRJob is python framework over Hadoop streaming that allows you to write your big data processing programs in any language of your choice. It also supports amazon’s EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) APIs and frees you from the burden of maintaining your own hadoop cluster.

Sudarshan (@sudarshan) works as a software developer at Yelp. His interests are in search, compilers and big data. He loves emacs and free software, and tries to use open source software as much as possible.

Jasmine: JavaScript Testing the BDD Way

Brian Cooksey

Jasmine is a testing framework for JavaScript apps that embraces the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) style of testing. We’ll take a quick tour of the history and methodology behind BDD, then dive in to some of the powerful features that Jasmine offers. Much of the talk will be based around live code examples.

Brian Cooksey (@brian_cooksey / bcooksey on github) is a CoMo native and Mizzou grad. He does web app development in Python and JavaScript for Zapier, with a little bit of security and dev ops sprinkled in. When the power light on the laptop dims, he’s likely spending time with his wife and kids. He also finds time for soccer, gaming, and brewing beer.


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DevCOMO November 20th: AngularJS and Go

The November meet up is on Wednesday, November 20th, hosted at Reynolds Journalism Institute. The talks start at 6:00. We meet in the glass room right in the main lobby.

Angular JS

David Frahm

AngularJS is a modular and highly testable JavaScript MVC framework from Google. This talk will give an overview of the framework, and dissect a small app so you can get a real-world view. Come see why AngularJS is a great option for first-class frontend development.

David Frahm (@davidfrahm) is a Product Developer (frontend dev and UX) at CARFAX where he creates mobile and web apps in an Agile/XP environment. In his spare time, he also creates his own products and is energized by coworking with awesome people.


Ryanne Dolan

*Go* is the answer to the age-old question: what happens when you let the creators of C, Unix, Plan 9, Inferno, UTF-8, sam, etc run loose at the Googleplex? You get a compiled, statically typed, statically linked language that _feels_ like a dynamic scripting language. As the name implies, everything about Go is _fast_ – including development time. In this talk, I’ll introduce Go from a web development perspective, focusing on ways that Go can replace everything in your current stack.

Ryanne Dolan is a CS instructor and PhD student at Mizzou.


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October 2013 - Working From Home and Modern PHP

The October meet up is on Wednesday, October 16th, hosted at Reynolds Journalism Institute. The talks start at 6:00. We meet in the glass room right in the main lobby.

How to succeed at working from home

Greg Aker

Four years ago, I left my cushy corner-cube job to work from home. My boss gave it six months. I couldn’t let him be right, so I set some rules for myself and got to work. You too can be happy and productive working at home. Welcome, grasshopper.

By day, Greg Aker (@gaker) works as Chief Code Thrasher at nGen Works building awesome things in Django. He also slings the terminal as a systems administrator at EngineHosting.

Modern PHP

Jerel Unruh

PHP is a language that almost every web developer has used at some point. However unless you have used PHP within the last year you probably haven’t observed the recent changes to the language’s ecosystem. This talk touches on package management, features in PHP 5.3 and newer, and covers a very elegant framework named Laravel.

Jerel Unruh is a contractor who creates applications for the modern web using Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Linux. He is the happiest when writing software for himself that will make no money.